BBS Network NFTs

Hey folks! Hope y’all are snuggling in for the Holidays and enjoying things. Just a quick heads up about BBS Network a new social media network that looks interesting. I’ve shared a few Drops and posts on there. Could be another tool to create more awareness on upcoming Drops. The cool thing is the posts are an NFT, and posts can be traded in the community token, ads can also be leased in the header of posts.

Non-Fungible TC Show on BBS Network

I was made aware of this from a recent youtube video review by Non-Fungible TC , in one of his awesome new Youtube shows. I’ve shared his post and created a BBS forum for non-fungi community. This maybe a great tool to share and rewared participants for good content. I’m impressed by how easy it was to get set up and to share posts, also looks like you can run polls. I set up a poll to vote on your favored blockchain for NFTS:

So let’s see how it goes, this could be a good tool for building awareness and also socializing and having fun while building some $NFUNGTC and $FUNGIB!