Blockstars on a Roll

The Music Managment game influenced and modelled on games like Football Manager, Diablo and Eve, announced today some major announcements in their Discord. On top of the addition of a NGMI addition to the roadmap, the in game coin $ROL seed airdrip feed is over! A new busking and practicing gameplay is about to launch [gameplay will be the new mechanism to earn $ROL], they have the next 2 weeks filled with 200 in $SOL in raffles, and there is also now a Liquidity Pool for $ROL set up by Circle DAO on Raydium DEX.

Here’s the link to the original Blockstars mint event

check out their whitepaper

Another interesting development is a community built tools website. On a recent townhall I remember hearing Niko mention there was a great opportunity in the SOL (and blockchain game space in general) for stats and helpful community built tools, wiki’s, how to’s, and related channels. Blockstars Unplugged looks to be heading that call.