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#SC10 NFT Drop Details: #SUPERCOCO, The Ocean Hero, creates #SC10 COMMANDMENTS to protect the Ocean! A limited 300 SETS of 10 tradable 3D NFT cards filled with wisdom from the deep Oceans. Each card acts as a mint pass-early access to #SC-LEGION NFT, the first NFT Environmental Art Project to create a new CORAL REEF […]


KatMonstarz Blockchain: Polygon NFT Drop Details: Not far away from the Motherland Ethereum in a dusty part of Polygon were living 7777 strange creature known as Katmonstarz. Those lonely & cute monsters wanted to escape for a better world. The only way for them was to join forces as a kat pack. Soon enough they […]

MyWorld Presale

  NFT Drop Details: Be ready to colonize 10K faraway planets made of gas, desert, ice and water. Although they are sometimes made up of fancy colours, our planets still have a realistic look. Millions of exclusive and unique worlds were generated through complex algorithm technologies - yet supply is limited to only 10 000 […]

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