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Cryptosaurs 6000 Free to Mint Christmas Presents


6000 Free to Mint Christmas Presents Christmas is coming soon, and we want to celebrate this with the biggest giveaway to date, 6000 free to mint NFTS available to all […]


Non-Fungible Geishas

Non-Fungible Geishas NFT drop Non-Fungible Geishas is the first NFT collection from Project CC, born to celebrate the heritage of six different cultures. The collection contains 8888 items, automatically generated […]

Shiba City NFT World

Shiba City NFT World Message Body: Sale starts : 25/11/2021 Looking to dip your toes into the seas of NFT-verse? Shibacity NFT World has you all covered . This […]


CutieSquad NFT

CutieSquad is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFT, equipped to be your personal superhero and ready to help you break free from the rat race. They are stored as ERC-721 […]

Chromatic Sun Ranch

Chromatic Sun Ranch Presale and Launch 555 NFTs PreMinted to opensea. NOV 25TH – All Best Offers Accepted ($2 opensea min) NOV 26 1201am (ET) Mint goes LIVE on […]

Crypto rocket to the moon

Crypto rocket to the moon Message Body: New weekly drop for Crypto rocket to the moon NFT collection. Ten new NFT's will be added to the collection. There will be […]


Candy Narwhal

Candy Narwhal This is a collection of 1244 original Soup Cans created in tribute to Andy Warhol's controversial and iconic Campbell's Soup Cans that he painted in 1962 and 1965. […]

Weapon Academy NFTs

Weapon Academy NFTs Weapon Academy is a collection of 7,000 generated weapon NFTs with stats and mods. The collection is comprised of seven different types of Guerrilla Warfare weapons (M16, […]


Ghetto Granny Club

Ghetto Granny Club is a 10,000-unit limited digital NFT collection of absurd and ridiculous grannies kickin' it on the Polygon Blockchain. Each granny has her own name and is a […]

Pickle Society

Pickle Society

Pickle DAO. Join the organisation by minting any of the 10,000 Pickle #NFTs Date - December 2021 Blockchain - Ethereum Links Twitter - Discord - Website -


Hungry Meow

Hungry Meow NFT

Hungry Meow Hungry Meow is a collection of 10,000 decorable and diverse NFT characters minting on the OpenSea Polygon blockchain on the 1st of December at 10 a.m. UTC+7! You […]

10,000 Lazy Smileys Mint Event

Lazy Smileys

10,000 Lazy Smileys Mint Event Website: OpenSea: Discord: Twitter: Date: 2.12.21 , 12:00 UTC Description: The Lazy Smileys are 10,000 uniquely generated Smileys. No two are […]

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