How to trade SOL NFTs

Y’all I’m no financial advisor, just a jack of all trades old man that likes to mess with websites n stuff. So in the course of adding events to this Drop Calendar, you’ll have seen an increasing amount of Drops that are Solana NFTs. Well, since I’d been offered a couple of NFTs to post a couple of image banners around the site, I had to get a wallet. So I ended up choosing Phantom Wallet 👻. And so far so good. It seems to be able to connect to marketplaces like just fine, Haven’t tried MagicEden or anywhere else. (See links page for more marketplaces and stuff) I traded one NFT. Probably should have kept it but hey, got bills to pay…The only issues I ran into, was when the SOL blockchain was having issues, about a month ago, it just wouldn’t connect to anything. So for the most part the wallet is nice and the transactions are fast, you can switch tabs in it to veiw the tokens you have, and am sure do a lot more with it, but for now, that’s all I know.

In order to trade your NFTs, you will need a small balance of SOL in the wallet to get it listed. I picked some SOL up on Kraken and sent it to my wallet, not much is needed at all and gas is negligible. Right now I have one Solchick listed on and one Babypunk in my wallet. Cool huh?! Supposed to also have scored a Rogue SOL, but it looks like that project is having trouble after launch following through, I hope they can turn things around.