HUMBL NFT Gallery Soft Launch

Today marked the soft launch of HUMBL’s new NFT Marketplace.

The NFT gallery soft launched today with a collection of photographs by Smallz + Raskind. Smallz + Raskind are curating the first run of NFTs with several celebrity and band photos, Clint Eastwood, Kim Kardashian, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gwen Stefani, Jordan Peele with more rock and sports stars in the works. HUMBL will also be the official NFT provider for 2021’s Pilgrimage Festival in TN.

HUMBL is a start up, blockchain company featured on CNBC and mentioned on Bloomberg. Ticker symbol $HMBL on the OTC Markets. 💎🙌 They’ve launched some ETX crypto trading blocks, and a merchant discovery and payment app, that will be rolled out in a modular fashion, with peer to peer payments and digital wallet, in the pipeline.

Check out HUMBLs new NFT Gallery now, several celebrity NFTs up for grabs, four day auctions, on the Ethereum blockchain.