My First NFT Sale

And so it is today, I bid farewell to Forbidden Fruit Crypto Kush NFT. At 4:20 am! An account called ButtheadTV 🤣 was the first sale i’ve had from my small collection on OpenSea.

A kind of bittersweet feeling to let it go, but as I learn the ropes, build my collection and understanding of how the smart contracts work on OpenSea, I see it as a necessary growing pain. For instance, had I known that to cancel a sale or when you lower the price of a sale, you will have to pay a transaction fee to cancel it. So if like me you don’t have much of any ETH handy, you’re stuck with it on sale. So, congratulations and my thanks go to ButtheadTV! I hope Forbidden Fruit NFT brings you as much joy as it did me! 🙏