NFT cybersecurity

Listening today to a good informative Twitter Space recording hosted by stellabelle, so wanted to share this. Some great discussion from some cybersecurity experts, and experiences.

Hopefully that links to the recording. Well worth a listen. I recently was victim to a wallet draining ‘free mint’ on Solana. I received a DM on discord, that I was a fool to follow, and it went to mint site that looked like a free mint was going on. Ended up just sending all the sol that was in that wallet. I’ve since gone into that wallet and rejected the approval of that site and learned my lesson. Namely, watch out, or turn off DMs in Discord, and try to keep safe when minting, and learn about how to disconnect connected sites to your wallets, or use a burner wallet. Generally be super cautious about free minting and site you’re connecting to. Check the URL is right, don’t link to it through a sketchy DMs and so on.