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An old domain register contract from 2015 was rediscovered and is currently having a comeback with hundreds of thousands of domain name NFTs minted in the past couple of days. The early ENS style contract was found and linked with a front end that lets users mint names. Several NFT historians and many veterans from the space have been sharing their excitement. An “early primitive version of what ENS is” what it’s been described as. If you listen to the twitter spaces from 9/30

Listen to the twitter spaces


The devs and degens invloved are working on a wrapper that will let the early NFTs show up on the main NFT marketplaces.

Already the common and sought after names have been minted probably equating to ENS vision top names, and maybe bots are joining in. Historical collecters may snub their nose at an ‘inifinite mint’ contract, but there is obviously a faction paving a path forward in the minting of scarce identities available. The NFTs are currently only viewable through your wallet and search in the transaction to see what you’ve got. Until a wrapper (viz mooncat) is released to bring them up to speed with the ERC721 standards that all the marketplaces need.

Listening to the twitter spaces there is another 8 or so similar contracts with the matching ABI footprint that have been deployed. So there may be easter eggs still to come from this or similar or other, as yet, un-rediscovered contracts.

Non-Fungible TC video Linagee Registrar First Ethereum NFT?

Our fren Tim is still cranking out amazing and up to date news and content on an almost daily basis and has covered it in his latest Youtube videos…

The community recommends be very cautious and using a burner wallet if minting, as the contract is unverified. Always use a burner wallet. We do not give financial advice, only educational or entertaining content, always do your own research.

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