Yo Yo GM

yoyoyo waddup gm!

We’ve picked up a first NFT on the Tezos blockchain, using a Temple Tezos wallet Firefox extension. Once you send fund in some xtz from your exchange of choice, in our case using the Kraken exchange, and then send to our new Temple address. Now you’re all set to be able to connect and checkout NFTs on the various marketplaces, wherever the artist has their work listed. Objkt.com is where this Stellabelle piece is.

RR/BAYC: The Narcissist

Also was in interesting process setting up the Tezos profile, adding an image, linking to a twitter account and adding some profile information, if you choose to do so…We added a pic and some links back to non-fungi for the heck of it, because why not. That’s all I know. https://objkt.com/profile/tz1ZMYps9co7uNxYY5fw5QmtzhKXEH6mubjv/activity