Buddz, derivative, utility

We’re still adding new drops and are hodling quite a few interesting new projects. Some more art related, purely for the visual and commercial benefits of ownership. For instance the Based Vitalik art101 drop. As a budding new digital artist and web dev myself, I enjoy trying to make some derivatives. My first work is now posted and live on the Patrn website where if it gets enough (5) ‘likes’ (that are 0.01eth each) then it will automatically be minted and sent into each ‘likers’ wallet, where it will then be able to sell on OpenSea or Looksrare or any other compatible NFT marketplace or web3 utility…

Some more geared towards NFT gaming, play to earn, DAO, with ICO and swap or defi listings happening. Some also revolved around long time fan base communities of artists and creators who’ve been ushered into NFTs early as consequence of the worldwide pandemic, enter The Twisted Tree Frog Massive, lead by the Reggae artist known as Collie Buddz, who is a BAYC owner and has a very interesting ideas and drive behind his new drop that is now in prelaunch with public launch on March 22nd. Buddz TTFM Discord has been buzzing, good vibes only, and just a quick look at the utility and prizes that are attached to some of the NFTs in the collection, royalties, instrumental track, discount and free merch, trip for two to Costa Rica, play to earn games also and Sandbox parcel exclusive to TTFM hodlers, stuff that Buddz mention in this twitch stream. Buddz and team are using the help of Galaxis for minting and the back end. Really cool opportunity for reggae and music fans to converge and rise together in this new NFT age. I’m sure other artists will be watching and learning how a NFT community builds and what utilities are possible, like the TTFM is doing.

Glitched TTFM week 1 POAP

Some other animated derivative type stuff I’ve been messing with this Cryptostella Slothicorn Writers NFT and some 3D gif animation.