Category: Web Dev

Brute Force Attacks

So, like, it looks like the brute force login attempts are picking up again on this site. I just added google analytics back and have deactivated a bunch of plugins and am still looking at taking this domain to the next step in the future. May have to look at moving away from WordPress to […]

React Three Fiber Metaverse

Barely Coding Hashlips Metaverse We’ve been hacking on a couple of React Three Fiber tutorials where the website is fully interactive 3D environment. Really digging what we’ve seen so far. An amazing tutorial series that Hashlips has released, and a couple of great videos from BarelyCoding and also Learn With Jason on Youtube helped make […]

Web3 Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol Decentralized Social Media Web3 community graph open source protocol Lens Protocol is in early stages but already has a lot of dapps, tools, video, social media and NFT content. Artists, coders, animators, content creators have new tools to upload and mint and share and have their content mirrored or shared or liked across […]