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The NFT Resurgence

November 17, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - November 24, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

The NFT Resurgence is here – for the NFT Creators

Message Body:

We are rolling out the Resurgence movement for NFT creators over the next month, hosting a world tour of IRL events ( leading up to our mint Nov 17.

See below for more on the movement:
It’s no surprise that the landscape of the NFT marketplace has dramatically changed in recent months. Many would say it’s changed for the worse as prices are being slashed, teams are dissipating while individuals plead for more marketing support just to stay afloat, and mint dates are pushed out time and time again. There’s no relief for these passionate creators who have poured so much time, effort, and energy into these projects. We simply cannot continue like this…
That’s where we come in. The NFT marketplace needs an upheaval. A movement. But not just any movement.
A Resurgence.

While everyone has been waiting for crypto prices to rebound, we’ve been focused on creating meaningful change, the next revolution in the NFT space. We are laser focused on turning things around and igniting a sustainable revitalization not only for existing creators but for the future, for the next generation of creators.
The philosophy that built The Resurgence and is woven throughout its very fabric is one of fellowship, of helping one’s peers. It’s about being proactive and leveraging the power of the network and the network’s reach and influence. As a part of this community, each member is encouraged to share tools, best practices and the best web3 tech to help fellow creators – pre and post mint – revamp, revitalize and re-energize their project, their community, and their bottom line.
The engine powering the Resurgence Movement is the Nexus Voyagers Network NFT. This is a unique, powerful, and timely initiative designed not for NFT buyers but for NFT creators. Creators who are in build mode and haven’t minted yet due to uncertainty or volatility in the marketplace. Creators who are post mint and perhaps looking to re-engage and re-inspire their existing network and holders. It’s for project contributors (i.e. developers, graphic designers, marketers, etc.) as well as NFT collectors who are interested in growing within the space. The Nexus Voyagers Network is for YOU.

It’s no surprise that something has got to change, and fast. Too much time has been spent waiting, wondering, speculating, while thousands of passionate creators hang on to what little is left of their vision, their team, and their money…
Be a crucial part of this necessary change and join us.
Join the Movement. Join the Resurgence. Join the Nexus Voyagers Network.


November 17, 2022 @ 3:00 pm
November 24, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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