Happy Friday 🔥

Just added some great new Drops and we’ve upgraded our Discord.

Pleased to see a Drop coming up from Collie Buddz! TTFM drop, join his Discord to submit to the presale list! Looks like Collie owns a Bored Ape! 🔥

The Based Vitalik Drop from art101 minted out after switching to a free mint. Those lucky enough to mint them in the batches of 30 due to the Iza_menace new ultra low gas for multi-mint ERC-721A contract, which is all released on github. So it minted out about 4k NFTs in about 3 minutes, with extraordinarily low gas fees. Secondary sales are ranging between 0.3 to 0.0019 eth right now on OpenSea!

I’ve experienced growing pains with non-fungi, my design and branding and automation is lacking and are the tools or membership options. So believe me I’m working on it, I’ve started a udemy course on Custom theme WordPress Development and am amazed and pleased to also now be opening up files again into VScode and working from a local install! So watch this space. I will probably start adding subdomains with some of my custom stuff. I’m thinking memberhip area for artists, bloggers, NFT projects to post their own articles, and I can easily then integrate it with the root main domain. Or also work on a hashlips mint, or some web3 kind of dapp projects.

More on that to come. On the Drop front. I’m keeping an eye on several including PiggyBanx, Parlay/Solbouncers staking and evolution and getting ready to launch the casino and games and ICO NFT coin offering $Bouncer. Plenty of action on the Metaverse front from the Creepy Creams and Mecha Melters, who have had some huge developments with NFT Worlds and Sandbox and Metaverse, Staking and lots more coming from those guys Dr Tom and Alex.

I’ve added a whole bunch of more visually appealling news feeds, in the main new feed drop down menu. So now you can read the top 10 articles from four different providers.

I would love to get back into more devving, so that’s why you’ll see the NFT Drop submission form closed from time to time, and generally taking our time to vet the drops that will get published. I’ve removed caching also and have replaced the robots txt to prevent too many bots slowing down the site loading times. We’ll see how that goes.

Another intersting Drop not far off is MetaMotors, which looks to be a high quality and diverse team and community including artist, Road2Veecon, with awesome 3 part NFTs, cars, drivers, and trucks to form a race team. Dates still to be announced, planning is going on in the Discord with some sneak peaks. The Discord bot is named Stig…’nuff said.

MetaMotors sneak peak teaser

Stop by our new Discord for more news and useful tools we’re adding, and see you soon. Lastly lets pray for Ukraine and for this madness to stop! Take care and hit me up with any questions or suggestions.