HUMBL to The Moon 🚀

After HUMBL CEO Brian Foote’s recent interview with Charles Payne on Fox Business, and a positive mention by wealth strategist and finance guru Rob Luna, HUMBL is making friendships, finalizing deals (Tickeri) and revealing more details to their roadmap at a pace that is knocking it out of the park.

A VIP tour of HUMBL’s operations has been announced with Rob, June 17th that reveals a stunning itinerary, and Easter eggs nuggets, that Brian has planned, including visiting new partners Monster LA, Athlete’s First and the new HUMBL offices, and ending w a trip, within walking distance, to Petco Park Ballpark.

topics on blockchain such as: video gaming, athlete smart contracts, digital player catalogues and fractionalized ownership of sports teams 🔥

Rob Luna is a highly respected wealth strategist and motivational finance guru, who’s motto is pretty much, to be the best, at what you do. Watching a recent Youtube interview with Brad Lea he usually avoids OTC stocks………..that is, until now! So this is a nice tip of the hat to the young company. Rob invests in Bitcoin in a small but important part of his strategy, so it’s natural he would take an interest in what HUMBL is doing with blockchain and it’s multi-faceted, global and inclusive business model.

Rob will be visiting with two of his CFA’s and will be delving into the nitty gritty and doing his due diligence…📈

Back to the Easter Eggs 🐣

I’m just going to drop quotes from the tweet pictures to show what’s of note.

A brief tour of Athletes First Offices, to see where and how over 400 of the world’s top NFL and NCAA ahtletes, broadcaster and coaches are represented 🏀

🎬 Monster LA will be working with HUMBL to deliver world class multimedia experiences across HUMBL Mobile Pay, HUMBL Ticketing and HUMBL NFTs

So you can see that the NFT marketplace and blockchain are creating some exciting times ahead for HUMBL and it’s users, merchants and shareholders, and attracting some big names in personal finance, wealth managment, like Rob Luna.

That about wraps up this post, here’s the link to Rob Luna Instagram account. Cheers, and if you like my content and website please feel free to support us by click some sponsor adds, donate some crypto, surf some crypto news, charts or browse NFTs! and come back often 👍

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