Kaboom js Game

I followed a Kaboom js tutorial by Ania Kubow, which is definately worth a check out. I’ve made a kind of project site from the results. Actually the site is a mish mash of about three different web dev tutorials combined. Anyway , I couldn’t help but register what to me seemed like a good domain name for it at the time (since expired). I’ve customized graphics, and added sounds, and kind of built a site around it, who knows, this could be worth developing the game, features and characters further, maybe do a line of NFTs from the graphics. The main home page has instructions and credits…..

Since the article was written the domain expired, but I’ve still a couple of installs and customized versions of the same game. At some point need to figure out how if the games can work on a mobile device. Here’s another install of the Kaboom game https://www.otcstonks.com/game/ I’ve experimented some with using different characters and images for the sprites for the surroundings and for the main characters and also have toyed with customizing the sound clips that get played on collisions. You can take short audio clips w a mobile phone and then chop those into really short clips, it’s a lot of fun and could easily be used to get creative with the music and the beat, by jumping in time and triggering the sound clips in sequence to make up some cool music!