NFT Drop News

Nice steady trickle of new drops we’re still adding every day here at Non-Fungi, along with all the news streaming, top 100 coin chart tools, helpful links and promotional ad placements to some of our listed drops. For a quick run down of latest drops added and even more news and stats, you can find them posted to our Discord, on top of that, we tweet out almost all of the newly added drops to our twitter account. On top of that, the twitter account is automatically posted to a channel in our discord that pings everyone!

Stellabelle collectors show May 14th Cryptovoxel Link

As well as adding NFT drops that are submitted from the contact form. We’ve been contacted by several ad agencies and several NFT website development teams about collaborating with! Firstly I’m absolutely thrilled that this site has been noticed. However, I am well aware that I will need to drastically improve on my coding and development skills in order to provide greater utility and appeal to a wider audience. Just one person there is only so many NFT drops you can process and list in a day. But I’m sure if I can add some better automation and feed new drops in such a way to make it faster and easier to conglomerate new events. Hence, I am spending more time back in VSCode and Node js working back over some existing projects with Gatsby, with the idea to look at using markdown as maybe a quicker way of adding new articles, also just started looking at some new full stack web3 tutorials that just dropped by Nader Dabit.

So I’m excited to learn more on those fronts, that will ultimately make it possible for us to provide better API and RSS feeds to a wider audience as we piece together and intergrate new features with So bear with us if the drops are slow to get listed or not at all, hop in discord or twitter if it’s really pressing. I’ve had to slow down adding drops all day, in favor of getting back trying to learn, develop, code and do more of our own art, I’ve been tinkering around with a cryptovoxels space (find on linktree) and always trying new things in paint, or using online tools, looking to get into Gimp and Blender also, and possibly look at how 3D printing might be a cool ultility to add to some NFTs, I have a relative that is a engineer CAD designer who custom makes pieces and prints them with a FHD and a new resin 3D printer! Cheers.