Non-fungi Update

Hello again! Just a quick update on some stats and plans. According to Google Analytics, we’ve had 11,399 users from 147 countries in the past 28 days! From Australia to Zimbabwe! First of all, not that most of you would probably see this blog post, I’d just like to say hello!👋 I’ll post some updated statistics snapshots soon.

A few things in the works, I’m building up our Newsletter subscriber base, from people opting in on the submission form, so I’m working on publishing more regular newsletter to go out that we could use to feature some drops and get a good whitelist VIP club going. In fact I think I will use this blog post as our next newsletter starting point! I’d like to start helping out and offering more on the promo front, by doing more Youtube review shows, also have plans for some Twitter Spaces AMA’s where we could invite our NFT projects and artists to share their stories, and also provide a feedback mechanism to take in criticisms or make suggestions for improvements.

A couple of awesome things that happened, I was airdropped a cool NFT, a Slothicorn Writers Contest participation NFT, by the amazing Stellabelle! (I might try my hand at some derivative art using this!) Also have seen a few amazingly well executed Drops launched, including the SolBouncers, that sold out and is doing great things with The Parlay NFT project, with support from 00rr0r!

Current featured drops include The Timeless Ape Club and also Blockstars! which will be a Magic Eden Launchpad event! Both projects have been awesome to deal with, emailing back and forth, and I feel confident in recommending these upcoming drops to the non-fungi audience, and am doing what I can to help promote on our site, Discord and Twitter. Blockstars currently has an open whitelist, so I recommend check it out and you’ll see what I mean! Often times I will also retweet from featured or listed drops, so tag me, and maybe I’ll retweet!

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in scamming fake drops coming in, and also some drops, that rug for ad space. So be careful of not apeing into any old ‘free’ mint! More and more so, we’re proceeding with caution before posting new Drops. And as such, you may find it takes longer for a Drop to be approved and listed. If you’re about getting listed, It might work in your favour if you join our Discord and be somewhat ‘verified’, say hey so we know you’re for real.

Well, that’s it for now. We’ll be back soon with more, in the mean-time, take care out there and know that you are appreciated and welcome to visit non-fungi. Hopefully you’ll find some entertaining or useful content.

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