The Cryptoartist Collective Founded by Stellabelle in 2017
Slothicorn NFT writing contest image linked from stellabelle Discord announcements channel 👈do these word count towards the 1000? how about these words?👈 things that make you go ‘hmmm’🙋‍♂️

What is up fam?! As you can see I’ve decided to give this here writing contest, to win one of Stellabelle’s new PFP pieces minting in this OpenSea collection, a shot! 🔫 (do icons count as words in the word count? ‘hmmm’)

Being in the right place at the right time for once, or maybe more as a result of me posting almost 600 NFT projects for free, to the non-fungi event calendar since launching this site back in March. The recent CryptoStellas OpenSea drop that sold out within about 10 minutes was one of those events that had been submitted, and only recently listed, and as I do most of the time but not always, I was checking on upcoming drops, I got pulled in to Stellabelle’s World! Before I knew what was going on, I was floating around in the Cryptovoxels launch party (which incidently I’m doing again right now), listening to some cool tunes, and eagerly awaiting the appearance of the limited releases Stella sold on that day, and admiring the awesome framed collection on display.

The CryptoStellas NFT Drop that was submitted to non-fungi, had all the links needed to do some homework and after checking out some whacky twitter vlog posts I was intrigued further, and spent the best part of the rest of the day enjoying the community, drops, twitter spaces chat, and discord happenings, as well as picked up a freebie air dropped using Polygon.

So, instead of going on and on about the OpenSea drop, lets get to looking at the meat and potatoes of this article is supposed to be about, Slothicorn. I’ll be honest. I have no clue what it is, does, or much of anything about it. Other than how it’s obviously interwoven with the rise to where Stellabelle is today. And so begins our article. (help how do I count these words?)

What comes up when you Google Slothicorn, and what are my first impressions?

Here’s my Google search result: Some cuddly toys!? Some links to Amazon, then scroll down a bit and there’s perhaps an article on, You take a sloth,🦥 add a unicorn🦄 and a sprinkle of magic🧙‍♀️? Or am I not finding this ‘artists collective’? 🤣 Slothicorn is a Sloth Unicorn, there that does it, hope you enjoyed the article GM! Hello Stellabelle! 👋

But, wait, surely there’s more to it? So here’s another search from Google for slothicorn cryptoartist collective, and the top search result appears to be a article, and the header image appears to have lots of Sloth Unicorns floating around in space! So I think I might be onto something!! As I thought, ‘Slothicorn is Creative Commons Cryptoart’ Open source, rewards artists with crypto ‘STEEM’. (484 words halfway, time for a cup of tea☕)

Cold tea is not so bad. So onward, another look at search results takes me to a nitter thread that looks to be by an account name @stellabelle. I’m not familiar with nitter, shows how much of a ‘normie’ I am eh? The opening post states this

In 2017, I built a cryptoart collective named Slothicorn. Its philosophical roots were based in the #opensource and #creativecommons movements.

Freefallin round CryptoStellas ‘voxel gallery no wallet required afaik…

Then goes on to explain the focus of Slothicorn being on cryptoart, wallets, puzzles, art, relating to decentralization and blockchain and the general crypto vs fiat , and looks to be a middle finger to predatory lenders and bankers that commited fraud in 2008 recession.

I recall on the Twitterspaces chat after the OpenSea auction, Stellabelle talking about vampires, and about loosing everything and starting from scratch during those years. So it was great to see now that looks to have turned around. Evidently now Stellabelle haz had some success, enough to buy one of the NFTs that sold that day the ‘Black Mirror’ piece which she bought back from the owner for like 1.1eth within a hour or so of the NFT being listed for sale again on the secondary OpenSea Collection. Or that was my understanding, could be all sorts of wrong.

Here’s the embedded NFT CryptoStella #55 Black Mirror which she referred to several times as the auction was taking place and then proceeded to buy back from the lucky person who was able to buy it, or something.

Back to the OpenSea auctions breifly. It looks like Stellabelle intention is to gradually release like 777 of them, so hopefully there’s multple chances for lovers of Stellabelles art to get in at a really good floor price. Of course it’s going to also mean that a bunch of failed transactions may also occur because that’s what happens when someone refereshed before you and clicks to buy it, if you are just milliseconds behind them, it can result in a failed transaction where you will loose the gas eth, something to watch out for, and something to take into account if you’re pressed for liquidity. (822 Words)

Ok, did I loose track of things? Back to Slothicorn. I have about 10 browser windows open rn, chrome and firefox, also the discord, twitter, nitter, also floating in the cryptovoxel gallery lol. The things you do for NFTs eh? But it’s more than that. I haven’t written an article in like forever, apart from a few bs blogs on non-fungi. So why am I doing it now? Well obviously like to win one of Stellabelle NFTs and am just generally more and more intrigued by the NFT World and wonderments within.

I learned a lot from hangin’ out in the twitter spaces chat also and was fascinated to hear great questions and answers from a wide variety of people from all kinds of locations or walks of life. Anyway, that about wraps up my attempt at some writing. Hope anyone finds this helpful with some useful links, and maybe inspire the next writer to pick up the gauntlet and join the contest. Let’s win a Stellabelle! or at least throw out some half-decent contributions to this growing collective. GM! (1003 words)

For what it’s worth I ended up pasting each paragraph into this word counter to check the word count, back there at GM it was 1003, so now we should be definatly over the minimum word count, and what’s more, I’ve added the link so you can double check me, paste all my words in, or your own words and get a count! GM for real now! 👋 Check out non-fungi and if you’re an artist, or curator, feel free to send in your NFT Drop! All hail Slothicorn! 🦥