Wha gwan?

We’ve been ticking along here at non-fungi still adding some drops. We did a Twitter giveaway with Groundhog planet. We gave away a Based Vitalik in our Discord after adding the giveaway bot, more giveaways to come soon. We’ve minted some of the Twisted Tree Frog Massive NFTs and have played a few hands of Black Jack in the Parlay Arcade, and tested the liquidity pool $bnce staking. Unfortunately missed out on the Retrobit presale minting of Bitbuster by the Retrotoken crew.

Some side developments, I’ve been delving into some web3 beginnings of some more tools for NFT collections with this Wallet Checker. I’ve uploaded a few pages that use the metamask browser extensions, enabling the use of web3 in the browser, and have a few collections available where you can check any wallet address against the collection. Display the NFTs of a particular collection in the wallet address if they have any. The NFT image, information and OpenSea listing all linked on the page. Works on a Desktop and only if web3 window element DOM extenstion is installed. Credit where it’s due, this is from this 30C dev Youtube Tutorial

Also am looking at a directory listing solution called Hivepress that seems to be a pretty handy WordPress Plugin for a listing directory site that allows visitors to enter their own content for approval, and also be able to edit their listing and profile. The plugin is undergoing some live development on another domain of ours over at otcstonks.com before somehow integrating as a new feature.

There’s always a ton going on in the NFT vertical, I try to keep up with events by reading the latest news feeds we stream here on the site and I still use the top 100 coin tracker we developed a while back. I also try to hop in as many Twitter Spaces and Discord or clubhouse chats that I can.