78 New NFT Drops

Howdy folks, Just a quick Youtube video update scrolling through the last weeks new NFT Drops added. I counted 78. Thanks for sending them in! Still trying to keep up adding them as fast as I can while also trying to be creative myself. Eventually will need to automate or get some help adding new Drops and stuff. Hope you all having a good run up to XMAS. I’ll try and drop a weekly video scrolling through all the latest. I’m still trying to find a way to just grab the new posts from the database and dislay them somewhere, but at the moment, The Events Calendar short codes, do not have that ability.

Dec 7-14th New NFT Drops Added Youtube Video

I’ll be looking to use the database of Drops in new and different ways, maybe on a different front end, I could set up just specific categories of drops to display. At some point looking to understand and implement API features better, either with a Next or React and GraphQL or something along those lines. Not sure if you seen any of my project sites, but they all still need developing more also….Again hope to be back next Tuesday, GM!