Art101 NFT Medicis

Carty Sewill Artist Seeking Medici

Art101 has unveiled a new web3 NFT gallery that links to on and off-chain metadata and images for all their NFT drops as well as each NFT marketplace listing, which I believe is a step towards making sure the NFTs are immutable and decentralized to stand the test of time. Patrn’s team ( looks to have grown to four dudes, with the addition of SolorMining, who has been a key player, spaces spokesperson, marketer, Discord mod, in getting the Art101 projects listed and verified on umpteen platforms, spearheaded umpteen articles and giveaways and community building activities.

Cropped Art101 Gallery Screenshot Mondrian NFT

Art101 web3 dev Iza_menace has been sharing some OBS sneak-peaks of what was up in the Discord, when not posting tubby memes or practicing martial arts. Enter the official gallery site for art-centric NFT projects of Art101:

Art101 appears to be a dynamic, well educated, and on the cusp of Crypto and NFT trends, with JW hosting talk shows with latest news on the r/Cryptocurrency NFT reddit goings-on. Art101 artist Carty Sewill is no doubt blowing minds at OpenSea with candor and art and design knowledge, passion and talents for NFTs. Art101 have dropped, supported and are further developing tools for most of their collections. The anticipated R. Mutt drop promises to be another masterclass lesson in art history, digital art, meta, and web3 NFTs, and would be next on the roadmap after Based Vitalik.