Ad Special

0.0108ETH ea As low as you go.

  • Who qualifies? Current or past drop listings
  • How long for? Negotiable, pay again to keep it up.
  • Size Matters? Check this page for ad sizes
  • Run multiple ads in buidl to launch🚀 LFG!!
  • How many hits? EGSC event had 2.3k views, the last 30 days
  • Share your event far and wide to get more views.

Launch Calendar

Just a heads up and sneak-peak, I’m working on an additional calendar that will be dedicated to quick view of all the NFT Launch Dates. So you don’t have to scroll through loads of events to find the launch (unless you have the patience to wait for the month view to load on the events calendar, I had to update the PHP memory allowed for WordPress seems to have helped….) Anyway. I’m gonna look at customizing options and so on, and think it’ll be a nice addition to features here on non-fungi. I also want to start a permanent list of NFT projects, and that maybe can tie in with some rarity rankings or buidl a database of vendors, NFT projects and so on…


Still messing in paint3D and also started a new header collage using Inkscape, but anywho, just wanted to throw out a few random image mash ups of pfp NFTs and such I’ve been messing with, just for the lulz.

Most of what I’ve been messing with for now is using the built in Windows10 paint3D, Pixlr, screenshots…oh, and removebg to remove the backgrounds. I will link to the three animated SVGs that I did in SVGator…

Drop Update

SEO Update

Quick search engine results update. According to Google Search Console, got 4,477 clicks from Google Search (+200%) in the past 28 days. Hopefully our NFT Drop Calendar listings are getting some quality visitors and good click-throughs to their events, social media channels and so on. Just wanted to update on how it’s going, if anyone is interested. Search through my ‘all posts’ to find more web dev and SEO related posts. Thanks!

SEO Update Google Console

Free Mint A Mondrian

Mint a Mondrian tonght 10PM PDT + gas fees, here’s the quick youtube info vid on it, cheers guys, artwork is by the talented artist, Carty Sewill, who has been selling his original works online for years, and the team. Thanks for reading, keep it real, keep the drops coming, and watch out for scammers!