New Drops 9-17-21

Post Count

Hey Hitch-hikers! So, coupled with a nice increase in search engine and word of mouth traffic, mainly to our Drop Calendar, we’ve been getting an increasing interest in advertising and publishing articles here at I guess I need to think about opening up WordPress to the blogger world? or installing Buddypress or something. So that we can perhaps make this more an interactive and community site, where all you cool NFT geeks can wow each other with your latest…

Might have to upgrade hosting first though, but for now, after some requests on site stats, I just wanted to point out that today, Sept 16th 2021, I installed a post count plugin (Digital Factory Post Views Counter) to give everyone some stats on how the events on the calendar and blog posts might be doing! So keep checking in and don’t forget to share your events using the social share buttons on each page!! That’s it! That’s the post, I’ll maybe edit in some hyper links…

Skids Hacker NFT Launch

Man up today and clicked through the Skids launch site. Nicely made out to look like a retro Windows 98 OS with an AOL chat window and some cool music. This NFT launch / mint event will be one to watch out for. Already their twitter page has gained about 4k followers over night. They sent in their drop to Drop Calendar so were excited to have them and looking forward to it. Check out the OBS video I just made of my visit there, and check out the event on our Drop Calendar for all the links!

non-fungi NFT drop calendar

Hey! Thanks to all the NFT artists /marketers for submitting to non-fungi! Our site traffic and number of drops coming in has been going nuts! We try to list most of them however a few are a little risky to add, in terms of upholding ad network standards. Some are submitted with broken links to websites that aren’t live yet, so we have to use some discretion as to what gets published and when. Anyway, here’s the latest Youtube episode of drop calendar.