thirdweb Signature Based Minting

Thirdweb Signature Based Minting Burst into heaven, or burst into web3! We’ve toyed with a couple of web3 projects from Moralis (web3 twitter and web3 Angry Birds Unity game), we’ve also run the local version of Nader Dabit NFT marketplace, that used hardhat and infura, and now just recently stumbled across thirdweb youtube channel, that […]

New Crypto Charts

New Top 100 Crypto Coin Charts We’ve added some new Crypto Charts, includes 24hr and 7 day moves, see this Crypto Coin top 100 list. For those times when you’re not logged in to your exchange or whatever, from the comfort of, you can keep up to date. We’ll be customizing the tools page […]

Yo Yo GM

yoyoyo waddup gm! We’ve picked up a first NFT on the Tezos blockchain, using a Temple Tezos wallet Firefox extension. Once you send fund in some xtz from your exchange of choice, in our case using the Kraken exchange, and then send to our new Temple address. Now you’re all set to be able to […]

Optimism Token Airdrop Claim

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest crypto airdrops, either through some youtubers, news, or however you make yourself aware of the latest airdrops happening, you’ll have seen about the recent and unfolding Optimism token airdrop claim currently happening. There were apparently some technical hitches and a bit of a dumping of the tokens […]