NFT Print Store psd Template

NFTs with utility is been a buzz-word lately, and for the art lover, what could be better than the utility of being able to print, publish or use your NFTs at your own discretion to hang on the wall, give away or charge and earn from and use as a tool to brand or fund, […]

How to Float an Image Up and Down in WordPress

After surfing through hundreds of cool NFT websites, checking them out and adding the NFT drops as we’ve been doing for the past year here at Non-Fungi, we come across many very impressive websites, with all kinds of animation, scrolling effects, accordion boxes, timelines and so on. One of the features or effects that a […]

Big Innovation From OpenSea

New big innovation from OpenSea, Project Seaport, is a marketplace protocol which is now public on GitHub. The new smart contract for marketplaces is open sourced and includes some interesting ‘swap’ potential, bid and offer for multiple tokens and NFTs, ERC721, and 1155. Linking to The Seaport Overview will provide more documentation about implementation. This […]

Web3 Twitter

We’ve been tooling around with the Moralis ethereum boilerplate and also completed a Web3 Twitter full-stack blockchain app. Moralis’ Youtube channel, has many a great video, and this one runs through the whole process from compiling and deploying the contract on remix, and coding the React front end UI. Pretty cool to see the power […]

Brute Force Attacks

GM haxxors! Currently at about 120 failed login attempts today and counting. Over the last few months, here at Non-Fungi, we’ve seen an increase of spam to our email accounts and also now getting numerous brute force and failed login attempts accross several of our WordPress sites. The attackers use different IP addresses simultaneuously target […]