I Won a Good Boi

Zen like feeling

Can’t believe my luck! Yesterday. The feels when I became the proud owner of a Good Boi Doge….. wut?! 🐾 I was lucky enough to like and share the right tweet at the right time, one of three lucky winners of a Good Boi NFT. I love my Good Boi 💚 can’t wait to see what kind of treats The Good Boi Society gets!… meaning, they’ve announced several more NFT art projects in their roadmap, one of which already happened, a free mint free airdrop for the first 88 Good Boi owners, a minting event that sold out within 15 minutes. A Warhol inspired Non-Fungible Soup drop. Check out their site art101.io and patrn.me for more on the overall roadmap, featuring Mondrian then Bauhaus inspired NFTs. Come for the soup, stay for the art education.

Seems like the smart contract looks pretty cutting edge, the projects will all live on IPFS and because the SVG_stack images are infinitely scalable, they’re future proof! Links to the files are in the hash on the provenance page, also something about the contract prevents ‘sniping’. Anyway, thanks Good Boi’s! Looking forward to the non-fungible soup and next NFT curations!

Check the Drop Calendar listing for details on the free soup minting.