NFT Print Store psd Template

NFTs with utility is been a buzz-word lately, and for the art lover, what could be better than the utility of being able to print, publish or use your NFTs at your own discretion to hang on the wall, give away or charge and earn from and use as a tool to brand or fund, and print designs for your wardrobe and web3 wallet! Supporters of the CCO model, creative commons licensing and commercial usage rights, gives permission to replicate and use the image to make derivative, and off-shoot artworks, prints and so on. NFT art featured in our Threadless store include Art101, JP&Friends, Stellabelle

Non-fungi has largely been adding NFT drops for free, and we’ve been minting some NFTs and picking them up on the secondaries for about a year now. naturally we’ve been trying to harness some income streams as well as increase our branding and reach and keep developing, enter our print on demand store! We’ve uploaded some designs to a new Threadless print on demand store. It’s one such service we have been experimenting with, adding some of the NFT designs from the Non-Fungi collection, printable on a multitude of media. T-shirts to leggings and shoes.

Art101 Mondrian Leggings

Some of the more intricate items, you’ll need to customize a psd (photoshop) template that will then upload back for the special garments. The Threadless back office gives you a photoshop template file to download and add the images, in order to be able to add the patterns to leggings, shoes, and duffel bags. If you don’t have photoshop, there is an alternative software we’ve found that’s able to open and edit the files and save as the correct format. The OSS gimp image manipulation program we can import NFT images as a png or jpg, into layers, then just, resize and rotate the NFT images into the correct position in the templates, filling the template guides. After lining up the images and merging down the layers in the image, save it as a jpg. Now we can go back and upload to the Threadless back office, and will be able to activate those cool products, with the freshly edited template that now has your NFT image placed.

Now you can sell even more cool products, or print them off for yourself and your loved ones, with even more cool images from artists and as an added bonus this can be shared to provide marketing and leads to also help the NFT artist and art project or artists behind the project! Win win for everybody!