Parlay Raffle an Okay Bear

Over on one of The Parlay NFT / Solbouncers raffle sites Shogun Empourium V2, just today was the end of the raffle, 0.2 SOL each ticket, for an Okay Bear NFT only worth roughly $10k, one today traded for 400 SOL on Magic Eden. The winner @argy_wpCHA CHING! was announced, and only recently found out in the Discord. I happened to drop in the social hour lounge just as they found out. They had four tickets for 0.8 SOL and won big! 🎉

Okay Bear #4273 Raffle Parlay Shogun Emporium

thanks again fam ,im sure u know ,there is not the hype ,not the money ,not even the glory ….its the feeling that maybe your time is little closer than u think for everyone ….that even with difficulties if y are trying for something u ll get rewarded somehow

argy_ap CHA CHING!

The Parlay NFT has two raffle sites running, and is in the process of revamping the tokenomics around their $BNCE coin. Meanwhile the Solbouncers and Casino, and collabs are still deep in the works with Supabets, with a lot on the horizon coming from the team hard at work w Mr Walrus at the helm. So far the Liquidity Pool and the in house Parlay BNCE Staking Farm is in place, once you’ve swapped an equal amount of sol/bnce over on Raydium, you can also stake the LP tokens at their farm. We’ll see soon what the team have planned for the tokenomics revamp. The bnce ICO NFT was $0.0777 for 2100 compared to currently sitting at $0.0026 tracking on the birdseye platform.

Links copied from the official-links Discord channel below

Raffle V1
Raffle V2