Sweet Apocalypse

An Apocalypse where you are able to enjoy your life

Supply: 8888

Mint Price: 2 SOL ( WL 1.5 SOL / OG 1 SOL)

Mint Date: 5. Presale 6. Public Sale of August

Sweet Apocalypse featured NFT drop page

Imagine games in general, where every move we make allows you to you to make money. The big companies in the games industry have not yet been caught up in the storm of change. It is time for small companies or start-ups to take a step into this new future. Sweet Apocalypse could be one of those actors. Sweet Apocalypse collection has its own company. Sugargames Ltd. is a Berlin-based company and fits perfectly into the broader start-up scene and games industry which is alive here locally.

Our vision is to create a unique survival game where players own their harvested and looted goods. Instead of looting other players to gather valuable resources, players will cooperate or fight against each other in arena-like spaces in teams or as single players. Players can offer their skills or unique items for the benefit of the community while profiting from their unique possessions. To obtain goods, players can go on adventure missions where they can kill enemies, develop their skills and find goods. The game design will give players full control over the characters’ movements. Those who play well with the keyboard and mouse and know the items best will be rewarded with higher rewards.

A boring push-bottom building or fighting game is not part of our imagination. People who like Minecraft, The Last Days on Earth, The Last of Us or The Last Oasis, to name a few games, will most likely love our game design.

Why you may consider buy into our the Sweet Apocalypse collection?

Sweet Apocalypse NFTs have a few strengths that other projects cannot demonstrate!

  • As a company, we have the right to apply for funding in Berlin. The government invests heavily in the games industry, start-ups and new technology-oriented projects. In this context, we give two arguments to the buyers of our NFTs:
  1. We are a publicly known actor whose founder identities are accessible and as a company we are bound by laws. This means that any further transaction we undertake must be in line with the “Objectives” of Sugargams Ltd’s Articles of Association. The probability of a fraud attack on buyers is close to 0.
  2. Even if the funds from the Sweet Apocalypse NFT Drop cannot fully cover the costs of developing the project. Sugargames Ltd. will apply for funding programmes from the Berlin government and loans from the bank. Our business plan definitely includes the government funding – it is free money to develop our venture..
  • Our game design will be unique in the NFT space with these goals. The uniqueness of Sweet Apocalypse will nevertheless prove itself in the long run.
  • A P2E game design with a unique and cute approach is something special even for the survival game genre. Only survival games for kids make horror digestible, we will make it mainstream: An apocalyptic life doesn’t have to be scary, it can even hold a lot of social connections and fun.
  • We have a lot of utility: Staking, some NFTs with special keys like traits, play to earn as a perspective & good quality drawings.

Let us see how our journey will start. I am looking forward to see you on our twitter or in our discord!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sweetapocaIypse

Website: www.sweetapocalypse.org

Discord: https://discord.gg/sweetapocalypse

Kind regards,

Florian Weise ( CEO of Sugargames Ltd.)