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Brute Force Attacks

GM haxxors! Currently at about 120 failed login attempts today and counting. Over the last few months, here at Non-Fungi, we’ve seen an increase of spam to our email accounts and also now getting numerous brute force and failed login attempts accross several of our WordPress sites. The attackers use different IP addresses simultaneuously target […]

Post Count

Hey Hitch-hikers! So, coupled with a nice increase in search engine and word of mouth traffic, mainly to our Drop Calendar, we’ve been getting an increasing interest in advertising and publishing articles here at non-fungi.com. I guess I need to think about opening up WordPress to the blogger world? or installing Buddypress or something. So […]

Crypto Donations

Hey guys, I just uploaded a how-to on Youtube about adding a crypto currency donation feature on your WordPress website. It’s a pretty cool plugin, and I was set up in minutes. Once you have the addresses you’ll be using from your exchange or wallet, gather the addresses for whichever crypto you want to add, […]