My First NFT Sale

And so it is today, I bid farewell to Forbidden Fruit Crypto Kush NFT. At 4:20 am! An account called ButtheadTV 🤣 was the first sale i’ve had from my small collection on OpenSea. A kind of bittersweet feeling to let it go, but as I learn the ropes, build my collection and understanding of how […]

New Coin Chart

Howdy! Just a quickie to show off the new Coingecko API powered coin tracker list with the top 100 market cap crypto coin prices. I’ve been crash coursing more web dev tutorials, this is adapted from EatTheBlocks dashboard project with some list sorting javascript I think was from decode’s channel, and am developing this Next […]

Kaboom js Game

I followed a Kaboom js tutorial by Ania Kubow, which is definately worth a check out. I’ve made a kind of project site from the results. Actually the site is a mish mash of about three different web dev tutorials combined. Anyway , I couldn’t help but register what to me seemed like a good […]

I bought a Cardano NFT

I just bought a NFT on Cardano ADA! Stoked to own an asset NFT minted on Cardano! Kaizen Crypto second NFT launch is still live, limited number, only 50 ADA. I used Daedelus wallet, staked and linked to a Ledger Nano X. You can also use Yorio and I think there is another early stage […]

Kaizen NFTs Reach Cardano

I’m still a newcomer to crypto and this article might help other newcomers find some resources, educational tips from my journey. Christmas 2020 I got my first Ledger Nano X ‘cold’ wallet with the goal of using it to store ADA, the native coin for Cardano blockchain. It was the beginning of my journey into […]