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NFTs for DeFi

You may have already seen youtube videos covering how to get cash for your NFTs without selling them, or you may now be just considering such options. We’ve been wondering this and checking things out, starting with this good resource to start with. This video on the nftfi platform. Let’s say you have a collection […]

Web3 Twitter

We’ve been tooling around with the Moralis ethereum boilerplate and also completed a Web3 Twitter full-stack blockchain app. Moralis’ Youtube channel, has many a great video, and this one runs through the whole process from compiling and deploying the contract on remix, and coding the React front end UI. Pretty cool to see the power […]

NFT Crypto Podcast

Here’s a recent podcast. Justin and Matt discuss NFTs and crypto with Broadbelt SpeaX. Matt talks about passive income and we discuss scams, banks, NFT utility, and general look at our experiences in the space. Visit Matt’s Empasta Cheeze Sauce site.

NFT Drop News

Nice steady trickle of new drops we’re still adding every day here at Non-Fungi, along with all the news streaming, top 100 coin chart tools, helpful links and promotional ad placements to some of our listed drops. For a quick run down of latest drops added and even more news and stats, you can find […]