thirdweb Signature Based Minting

Thirdweb Signature Based Minting

Burst into heaven, or burst into web3! We’ve toyed with a couple of web3 projects from Moralis (web3 twitter and web3 Angry Birds Unity game), we’ve also run the local version of Nader Dabit NFT marketplace, that used hardhat and infura, and now just recently stumbled across thirdweb youtube channel, that has a few videos introducing their web3 Dashboard. thirdweb lets the user connect a web3 wallet that opens up a builders dashboard, from here you can then either deploy pre-made solidity contracts scripts or also custom solidity contracts, to testnets or main chains, deploy NFT collections, staking, signature based minting and more.

What is Signature-Based Minting?
thirdweb web3 apps signature based minting video
Vercel import git project

What struck me as super simple when following this Signature-Based NFT Minting, short 10 min video that introduces two different contract deployments using thirdwebs stuff, was, after deploying the NFT collection importing the git to Vercel (which is a sweet deal), adding in your env variables to Vercel, and boom! you are up and running with a erc721 collection! You can check your contract on Polygonscan and now even get to mint stuff that gets pinned to IPFS and display it!

thirdweb dashboard OpenSea testnet NFT collection and Dapp

You can create a few test accounts in Metamask and get test matic from a faucet. Sure, next you can clone locally and run things locally when needed, but so far as going straight to deployment and customizing later seems an awesome way forward. Everything is there, the Next js, cdn, git, web3 is never been easier in my book. Sure I’ve minted NFTs to OpenSea and mintable, and locally, Thirdweb was the first where I’ve deployed the script and minted to testnet Mumbai and is picked up in OpenSea testnet collection! So, yeah I’m chuffed, and look forward to getting more a grips on using this to deploy or mint some stuff related to non-fungi, could include staking, posting drops, doing 1 of 1 mintings and so on! Maybe going forward to some kind of Alpha or listing membership perks, maybe even publish the next newsletter as a NFT! Why not right, take a page from Art101 Zine, it’d be cool to mint interactive PDFs that read like an old classic Zine, comic kind of deal, flip the pages, yeah, sounds awesome to me.

It’s Deployed Live Now What? thirdweb project

Welp we pointed a domain to it D3PP.XYZ and have been messing with it some, adding in links to the testnet OpenSea collection and to one of the minted images linked to it’s IPFS url. The git image points to the clone repo. If you feel like minting something to the Mumbai testnet SAUCE collection go ahead, just requires a little test matic! Now it’s time to deploy a bunch more, work on making a collection, figure out implementations for our users, work on spreading the word, building views and quality articles, work on making a web3 version of non-fungi drops calendar that can be like self-managed and that kind of thing, work on deploying across some other blockchains w lower gas fees or other incentives for some fun stuff, gaming, music, publishing, art, stories, poems etc. Can’t wait to get into this more, am interested in doing some artwork or derivative artwork from some NFTs in the collections that have the IP and CCO permission rights.

Will non-fungi have a real mint?

I think first in place needs to be the security and safety of contracts and wallets etc. The more opportunities to learn and earn and keep doing what we love with the mix of coding, graphics, web, marketing skills that we’ve been working on. Sure I think it’s possible. I’ve brainstorm the idea with a couple of folks. If a mint was connected with a DAO, the DAO would basically be a say in how the site goes forward and take input from the developer / founder community to take it into the Decentralized and web3 realm where it would be a useful event calendar, analytics, blogging, art and educational site. Bring together the web2 and web3 worlds from around the globe, where cutting edge news, drops, art and tech can have an outlet and also old school, beginners, noobs, novices or simple tech can be used to interact and benefit from.

Handy web app

thirdweb has what looks like some sweet features for building handy web apps, we’ll be diving in to some more testing. Appreciate it all and let’s get buidling!