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Boogie Genesis

November 23, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - November 30, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Boogie Genesis


NFT Drop Details:
DROP DATE: 2022-11-23

Boogie Genesis Are 100 Original Characters By Artist Raman Kaminski.

No commercial bullshit. Just an Art. Invest in art.


Three groups of characters. Last one is a 1-of-1 God level card.

Each group have rarity attribute, also price for each group is different. So early birds able to get a card with good price.

First 3 cards from each three groups (Essentials, Rare thing, Ultra Rare) will be for free.

Card from God level is the most expensive (you know, it’s a God level). God level owner will recieve a physical art with Raman signature + call and chat with artist (for sure if you want).


No roadmap or fake utilities. Invest in Art. Invest in real artists. Essentially if you buy a Boogie you buy it just for the Artwork of the contemporary artist Raman Kaminski.

Each Boogie is unique character who was designed manually. Choose your character that fit’s you best and you can use it as you want. You own all the rights, so you can use it also for commercial purposes (prints, sticker, t-shirts, other merchandision or resell for profit).

Be part of community and get early acess to the next collection, psycicall artwork by Raman.

This is a story of life from the not distant future, people living in the layer of augmented reality.

Everyone went into their own personal avatar, which revealed them as a super hero, samurai, rapper, golem or green goo. Everyone finally found himself and his destiny.

In the augmented world, people live in factions:

The New Jelley area belongs to ordinary people, whose avatars have not gone far from the originals. Everything is clear here, even at night, and there are no police here, they have nothing to do here, unlike the district –

Bad Bubbles is a place for those who have revealed themselves in the avatars of dubious characters. Here the sirens are not turned off and shops are open until 6. Only the most secure crypto goes around here.

Native land is a place for those who have become part of nature after the merger, in the truest sense. Stone golems, Dude with the earth instead of a head and a body made of grass, a rainbow man and many others. Here they live on a good mood and glare to others.

Well, man from God Level – there is nothing to say here, the coolest and most mysterious character. His story is still being written.

As one rapper said – “Who are you?”

(Mic drop)

Official Boogie Genesis Links :link:

Artist Links



November 23, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
November 30, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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