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WonderGame Metaverse Public Land Sale

May 28, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - June 11, 2022 @ 11:00 pm

WonderGame Metaverse Public Land Sale


NFT Drop Details:
WonderGamers! The highly anticipated LAND PUBLIC SALE is nearly here! 🥳

WonderGame has a few unique advantages.

👉 Our Metaverse is 3D x VR x Mobile Compatible x Desktop Compatible (not even the top 2 projects; Sandbox; Decentraland; can do that)

👉 Our product is ALREADY LIVE and running! With 22 full time devs in 5 departments improving it every week!

👉 We have a team DEDICATED to onboarding enterprises, projects & their communities into our metaverse… So there will always be increasing demand for land. 🙌

👉 We already have dozens of projects building 3D spaces inside our Metaverse… And the land sale hasn’t even opened yet!

➡️ Price Of Land

There are three types of land available each with 4 sizes.
One plot is 16x16m, so a ‘whale’ parcel of 8×8 plots is 128x128m.
During the pre-sale period, ALL LAND WILL BE 50% OFF!! 🔥 🔥
Inner City / Commercial: 8×8 – 64×64 = 1.5 ETH – 25 ETH
Inner Suburb / Public Premium: 1×1 – 8×8 = 0.07 ETH – 1.25 ETH
Outer Suburb / Public Common: 1×1 – 8×8 = 0.045 ETH – 0.9 ETH

Note: We’ll apply game theory to this land sale, currently looking to periodically increase the price of land by 1% every week 😜

➡️ CITIZEN NFT DISCOUNTS?( In addition to the 50% pre-sale discount)

We’ve made STACKED discounts per Citizen NFT you own. Aim for 2 citizens to get 10% off. Or get to 6 for 13% off!

1 = 5%
2 = 10%
3 = 11%
4+ = 12%
6+ = 13%
10+ = 14%
15+ = 17%
20+ = 20%

➡️ Land Use Case

As the world moves more digital and Web3, everything we create, earn and build needs to live somewhere. It needs a home, and people need a place to hangout with friends, game, shop, work and interact with brands. Inside WonderGame Metaverse you can build anything ranging from a store, business, luxury NFT gallery, gaming lounge, museum, Membership Club… Or place to network, host live events, and get more buyers into your project.

WonderGame is growing fast, attracting strong partnerships and teams, and represents a great opportunity with land as its core asset. There are many use cases and monetization strategies you can deploy, including selling goods, advertising, renting space, live events, ecommerce, or you can just chill with friends! 🥳

We’re also building MINES to place on the land… To mine $WonderGold!

➡️ Location Of Sale
The MINTING SITE will be on “” domain. Please check you are on the correct domain, and ignore DM’s with other links!

The LAND LOCATION is the picture attached. Blue is Commercial, Gold is Premium, Silver is Common.

The map is 44km^2

On May 28, you will be able to buy your land deed as pictured. In a couple weeks, you will be able to redeem your land deed for the exact plot on the map. Our CITIZENS & WHITELISTED users (in that order) will have first dibs on where exactly they set their location on this map.


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